Held Items are objects equipped to the monster which increase flat stats and skill power. Some of them increase different types of skill (such as fire or water) while others are for specific monsters. Campaign can drop all Held Items except for Monster specific ones. Those can be obtained through events.

Held Items

Specific Monsters

Arceus' Plates

Arceus has a wide variety of plates, which will not only change its type, but also the effects of its skills. Same type pokemon will also receive a buff.

  • Zap Plate (Electro type) - the Ulti has a chance to stun all enemies if the AoE skill has been used
  • Icicle Plate (Ice type) - the Ulti has a chance to freeze all enemies if the AoE skill has been used, weather buff instead of heal
  • Splash Plate (Water type) - ??
  • Insect Plate (Bug type) - ??
  • Pixie Plate (Fairy type) - any fairy skill in the team will trigger a speed boost
  • Fist Plate (Fighting type) - Ultimate - Increase 20% crit and dodge for 3 rounds and fighting damage - single target
  • Stone Plate (Rock type) - the Ulti has a chance to lower all enemies' speed after if the AoE skill has been used, affects opponents' accuracy negatively, weather buff instead of heal
  • Earth Plate (Ground type) - the Ulti has a chance to stun all enemies if the AoE skill has been used
  • Meadow Plate (Grass type) - the Ulti has a chance to poison all enemies if the AoE skill has been used
  •  ?? (Ghost type) - ??

Deoxys' Meteorites

Deoxys can take 3 different forms with its meteorites, which will greatly change its skills and buffs.

  • Speed meteorite, increases its speed
  • Attack meteorite, increases its skill power
  • Defense meteorite, increases its defense

Giratina's Griseous Orb

Increases all of Giratina's Skills.

Pikachu's Light Ball

Increases Pikachu type's Skills.

Genesect's Drives

Changes Ultimate attack into the respective type and increases its resistance to this type, increases all of Genesect's Skills.

  • Douse drive (Water type)
  • Shock drive (Electric type)
  • Chill drive (Ice type)
  • Burn drive (Fire type)

Chansey's Lucky Punch

Increase Chansey's Crit by %

Cubone's Thick Club

Increases Cubone's Attack.

Latias' Soul Dew

Increases Latias' and Latios' Sp-Atk and Sp-Def.

Dialga's Adamant Orb

Increases Dialga's Skill Power.

Palkia's Lustrous Orb

Increases Palkia's Skill Power.

Specific Skill Type

It doesn't matter which type your monster is, only the skill type will be buffed, so decide which of your monster's skills is most important.

Metal Coat

Increases Steel, Psycho, Normal skill types.

Dragon Fang

Increases Dragon, Flying, Dark skill types.

Black Belt

Increases Fighting, Poison, Ghost skill types.


Increases Fire, Ground, Rock skill types.

Mystic Water

Increases Water, Ice, Bug skill types.


Increases Electric, Grass, Fairy skill types.


Wide Lense

Increases skill accuracy.


Recovers each turn a percentage of monster's max HP.

Wise Glasses

Increases power of Sp-Atk Skills.

Muscle Band

Increases power of P-Atk Skills.

Quick Claw

Contrary to item description, this item always increases the speed by %


In order to upgrade a Held Item to the next level you need doubles. Flat stats improve your pokemon from level 0, while skill buffs apply starting from level 3.

Level HP SPD P-Atk Sp-Atk P-Def Sp-Def
0 70 2 16 16 9 9
1 140 5 32 32 17 17
2 320 10 71 71 38 38
3 640 18 142 142 77 77
4 1150 30 257 257 162 162
5 1890 40 420 420 266 266
6 2910 50 646 646 467 467
7 4120 60 915 915 662 662
8 5530 70 1229 1229 883 883
9 7150 80 1590 1590 1142 1142
9* 8110 90 1804 1804 1296 1296
9** ?