Friendship is an important way to improve pokes power level as well as allow it to learn new skills to use in battle as well as a passive.

(Friendship is sometimes refereed to as intimacy)

Friendship is increase by three ways.

  1. Giving the poke specific items that it likes to consume.
  2. By leaving the poke inside player housing to grow as time passes by, this also increases experience level.
  3. When fusing monsters the monster will receive a portion of the used pokes friendship and experience.

Unlocking new skills

At level 5 poke unlock Ultimate or Special Move which is built up by rage.

After lvl 9 friendship cannot surpass mons experience level and requires 2 Pacifier Bells to increase to the next stage as well as unlocking the second skill.

At lvl 19 it requires 4 Mystery Incense and 4 Pacifier Bells to unlock the third skill.

At lvl 29 needs 5 Fruit of Life Tree, 5 Mystery Incense, 5 Pacifier Bells. This will unlock the last ability which is a passive.

Friendship also increases poke stats and should always be as close to experience level as possible.

When a poke reaches level 10 friendship it can now follow the players character around the map.

After reaching level 10 friendship the friendship level can't surpass the poke level. Meaning if your poke is level 15 his maximum friendship level will be 15, and so on for every level.

After reaching level 30 friendship, the poke avatar can be used as the trainer's profile avatar.