Many pokemon have evolutions that make them stronger, faster and even change their elemental type (when Charizard evolves into Charizard X it changes his Flying type into Dragon type).

How it works

There are certain requirements to evolve a pokemon. These are:

  1. Reach a certain level with the poke.
  2. Have a certain friendship level.
  3. Have certain element evolve cards.
  4. Have certain rarity evolve cards.
  5. Have 150 mega stones (only for mega evolve).
  6. Have specific pokemon evolve items.

Once all the requirements are met, then the poke will be able to evolve.

Element evolve Cards

Element evolve cards are necessary for the first evolutions of pokemon with several evolution stages or for evolutions of basic pokemon. There are cards acording to each type of element that pokemons may have.

  • Blaze evolve card (mainly for fire type pokemon evolution).
  • Gelid evolve card (mainly for ice type pokemon evolution).
  • Chaotic evolve card (mainly for fighting/psychic type pokemon evolution).
  • Steel evolve card (mainly for steel type pokemon evolution).
  • Viridity evolve card (mainly for grass/bug type pokmeon evolution).
  • Thunder evolve card (mainly for electric type pokemon evolution).
  • Azure evolve card (mainly for water type pokemon evolution).

These cards can be found as reward for completing elite dungeons, or they can be bought at the store.


Rarity evolve Cards

Rarity evolve cards are items necessary for the first evolutions of pokemon with several evolution stages, for pokemon with specific type evolution or basic pokemon. The rarity of the cards needed is higher the higher the evolution stage is. There are 4 type of cards.

  • Advanced evolve card (used in the first stages of evolution)
  • Rare evolve card (used in the first stages of evolution)
  • Legendary evolve card (used in higher stages of evolution)
  • Epic evolve card (used in higher stages of evolution and epic pokemon evolution)

These cards can be found as rewards for completing safari maps, or they can be bought at the store.


Mega evolve Stones

Mega evolve stones are necessary to evolve specific pokemon who have a mega evolution available, it is always necessary to have 150 stones to mega evolve. These stones can be found as reward for participating in World boss event and as rewards for specific events.


Specific evolve items

Some pokemon require specific items to evolve into their most powerful form. These items are hard to adquire, the only way to get them is through specific events or bought at the store.

Base Pokemon Evolve into Specific evolve items (amount needed)
Charizard Mega Charizard Y Charizardite Y (60)
Gengar Mega Gengar Mystery Stone (60)
Metagross Mega Metagross Mystery Stone (60)
Greninja Ash's Greninja Mystery Stone (60)
Mewtwo Mega Mewtwo X Mewtwoite X (60)
Kyogre Origin Kyogre Alpha Saphire (60)
Groudon Origin Groudon Omega Ruby (60)
Latios Mega Latios Mystery Stone (60)
Latias Mega Latias Mystery Stone (60)
Pupitar Tyranitar Mystery Stone (30)
Shelgon Salamence Mystery Stone (50)
Dragonair Dragonite Mystery Stone (50)
Chanssey Blissey Mystery Stone (20)
Munchlax Snorlax Mystery Stone (25)
Zygarde Heart Zygarde 10% Zygarde Cell (30)
Zygarde 10% Zygarde 50% Zygarde Cell (60)
Zygarde 50% Zygarde Zygarde Cell (90)

Mewtwoite X


Charizardite Y


Alpha Saphire


Omega Ruby


Mystery Stone


Zygarde Cell