Pokeland CN v2.20

Steven's Metagross

Ultimate - Comet Punch (Steel SpAtk, Single 175): Reduce target's Atk, SpAtk, PDef and SpDef by 30% for 3 rounds. Metagross' own PDef and SpDef also reduce by 30% for 3 rounds.

Skill 1 - Bullet Punch (Steel SpAtk, Single 75): 20% chance to move again once. (Effect cannot be stacked)

Skill 2 - Gyro Ball (Steel SpAtk, Group 35): In 3 rounds,
any Steel type attack to targeted pokemon under this effect will result in additional Steel Atk damage based on target's 30%PDef, and Steel SpAtk damage based on target's 30%SpDef. (Effect cannot be removed)

Skill 3 - Psychic (Psychic SpAtk, Single 75): Target will receive additional 30% damage from psychic type attacks, lasting 3 rounds

Passive - Clear Body (Steel): In battle, Steven's Metagross' Speed and SpAtk increases 20% when ANY Steel Type move is released, lasting 3 rounds. Self increase 5% SpAtk.