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• 11/20/2018


I have an Audino with the personality calm would it be worth to mega evolve?

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• 12/13/2017

Pokeland CN v2.20

Steven's Metagross

Ultimate - Comet Punch (Steel SpAtk, Single 175): Reduce target's Atk, SpAtk, PDef and SpDef by 30% for 3 rounds. Metagross' own PDef and SpDef also reduce by 30% for 3 rounds.

Skill 1 - Bullet Punch (Steel SpAtk, Single 75): 20% chance to move again once. (Effect cannot be stacked)

Skill 2 - Gyro Ball (Steel SpAtk, Group 35): In 3 rounds,
any Steel type attack to targeted pokemon under this effect will result in additional Steel Atk damage based on target's 30%PDef, and Steel SpAtk damage based on target's 30%SpDef. (Effect cannot be removed)

Skill 3 - Psychic (Psychic SpAtk, Single 75): Target will receive additional 30% damage from psychic type attacks, lasting 3 rounds

Passive - Clear Body (Steel): In battle, Steven's Metagross' Speed and SpAtk increases 20% when ANY Steel Type move is released, lasting 3 rounds. Self increase 5% SpAtk.
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• 10/9/2017

Arceus plates

there is the ground plate, meadow plate, insect plate, water plate, zap plate and the fairy plate.

the meadow, zap, insect and water plates do not change the skills but does change the effect of the Ultis.
meadow plate poisons, zap paralyzes, water and insect I forgot( help me pls XD)

if u know what the fairy and ground plates does, pls comment thx
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